Well, I’m MARRIED!!!!!!!!!!! The wedding went per…

Well, I’m MARRIED!!!!!!!!!!! The wedding went perfect! Even though it looked like it was going to storm and rain a flood all day, it held off and we could have the wedding outside in front of a beautiful old tree overlooking Walden Lake (if anyone has read Walden you’ll know why I knew the location was perfect from the beginning!). The lodge where we had the reception was gorgeous and just perfect as well– we had placed pictures of my dh and me growing up along all the mantels, and potted flowers were everywhere. I can’t wait to get our pictures back! I’ll try to post some when we do.

The Bridesmaids loved the purses I knit them. I even had time to knit my mom 2 dishcloths for Mother’s Day before she came up. AND I taught my sister to knit! I’m so excited for her because she learned so quickly! Not like me who took days and days and days to figure it out (since I had to learn from pictures).

I liked my bridesmaids’ purses so well, I’m knitting myself one right now from Cascade 220– will post pics when I get further along.


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