Commenting on Life Well, we’ve been looking for…

Commenting on Life

Well, we’ve been looking for a house (which is one of the reasons we’re so broke) and we thought putting our wedding gift money towards that would be a great plan. Well, it turns out that either our loan officer has been lying to us about closing costs, or we weren’t paying close enough attention, because now it looks as though we can’t afford it. It’s so frustrating! So now my sweetie is going to sell his truck (he’s been needing a car regardless but we were hoping he could keep his truck, too). I’m so sad about it– I love his truck. Sheesh, first the Lincoln, and now his dually truck. On the bright side, however, it looks as though I may finally have a summer job– I interviewed at Rite Aid yesterday. Crappy job, I know, but it pays $8/hour and it’s full time so that’s an extra $320 a week before taxes which will help out a lot!

Anyway, I’m working on the i-cord on the cascade 220 purse and hope to be felting it later. Haven’t moved on the tank, but I’m determined to get this purse done and then move onto it full time. Yeah right, who am I kidding? I’m sure I’ll find something else to cast onto the needles soon 😉


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