I’m bored. Back at school (it’s Friday though!). …

I’m bored. Back at school (it’s Friday though!). The middle school (where I primarily teach) had a half day today, but all the teachers still have to stay to do grades and lesson planning. Well, for once, I’m done with grades and lesson planning! So, I’m stuck here with nothing to do but surf. I think I’d probably get nasty looks if I try to knit, and as I’m trying to start a knitting club, I’m trying not to knit around any admin. Don’t want to give knitting a bad name! I am trying to print out some good Crockpot recipes, as mine has been collecting dust (except for my soaping crockpot, but I don’t want soapy food LOL).

I did end up making a batch of soap yesterday. Split it into two molds and scented one with Orange 5x and one with Peach FO– they both smell delish today! Already tried them in the shower, and I LOVE the Orange.

Didn’t get too much knitting done– although I am on the stockingette and past the ribbing of my first sock. Tried to watch a movie, but I was bored, so I spent way too much time online instead of knitting. Didn’t get any spinning done either. 😦 Oh well, I have another free day Monday. I’m hoping to get to a yarn store Monday (not that I have money!)… I just found out about one REALLY close to me!


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