Well I ventured out on my sick day. I know, I’m b…

Well I ventured out on my sick day. I know, I’m bad, but I had to get a button for the sachet I made, so I hit a Joann’s that I had never been to about ten minutes away. Well, it was the emptiest Joann’s I’ve ever been to. Hardly any yarn, a little display of buttons, and nothing else of interest to me. Boo. So I decide to drive to the Joann’s superstore half an hour away, and pick out some nice buttons. I was hoping they’d have some Magic Stripes, but no. 😦

So then I’m feeling really adventurous, and decide to hit a new LYS I’d heard about. Well that was a disaster. I was hoping to get some Regia or Paton’s Classic Wool or something relatively inexpensive. Well, it was the snobbiest store I’ve ever been in. There were quite a few people in there, so I walk in and start browsing (tiny store, as well). As soon as I reach out to touch a skein of Lorna’s Laces (at eleven dollars a skein mind you), a woman flies over and asks if I need help. Now granted I’m a relatively young knitter at 25, I’m sick and don’t look my best, but I was wearing an expensive coat (for me that is, dh bought it for me last Christmas) and carrying a felted purse. I told her I was just browsing and then proceeded to get the hawk-eye for the rest of my time spent in there. Not to mention the fact of all the older women in there squawking their heads off, wearing their Ugg boots and carrying Prada purses. Ewww. Then a worker of the store completely cut me off in an aisle and didn’t say excuse me, just plowed through me.

Huh. If they’d been nice I might have bought a skein of the Opal that was calling out to me.

Think I’ll stick to Ebay and Elann for a while. Totally ruined my day.

So I ended up with buttons from Joann’s. woo hoo. I couldn’t afford anything else anyway.


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