Well, I had a pretty knitterly weekend. Yes, I’m …

Well, I had a pretty knitterly weekend. Yes, I’m a grammar teacher, and I do make up my own words 🙂 I knitted and felted a purse. Will try to post pics later. I used my own hand-dyed yarn that I used Wilton Cake Frosting dyes on. It’s with about 2/3 of a skein of Fisherman’s Wool. It’s a pretty bright green and blue random striped. Made up my own pattern, too, but it’s just a basic bag. Knit a rectangle, pick up stitches, join and work in stockingette stitch until it’s tall enough, then work three rows of purl and bind off in purl. Then I knit icord handles and poked holes in the tote with large needles, and let it dry!

I also headed up to Frankenmuth for the Snowfest (it was too cold to walk around much) and hit the yarn store (which is only 1/3 yarn store, 2/3 gift shop) up there for my first purchase of Kureyon for yet another tote. I was planning on getting some bright colors, but was drawn to a beautiful deep jewel-toned colorway, so I guess the bag will be for Fall instead.


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