I cast on for a sock last night with Lion Brand’s…

I cast on for a sock last night with Lion Brand’s magic stripe yarn (I had to buy it through Joann’s website as I can’t find ANY around here). I decided to try the 2 circ method and even though I’m only a few rows in I really like it. I think it’s much smoother than using dpns.

I also made a trip to the thrift store today, and although I didn’t find any yarn perse, I did buy two sweaters to tear apart for yarn. One is a brown tweedy color all wool, and the other is a salmony pink color nylon/angora/wool that I think will make a great couple pair of socks. I have two sweaters in the washing machine right now (on delicate) that I picked up on my last run. One is a heavy wool handknit sweater in brown with an intarsia design on the front, and the other is a cream Irish wool that I plan on dying first and probably felting. Dh really likes the color of the heavier wool sweater, so I’ll probably knit something for him out of the yarn. This is my first time recycling yarn, so I hope it turns out ok. One of the sweaters in the wash right now smelled fine before I started washing, but now that it’s wet, smells decidedly like mothballs, so I added some lavender EO to the rinse water. I really hope that helps.

Dh is getting off work early today, in fact in a few minutes, so not much knitting will probably get done today. I have a batch of soap to cook, too. Sunday is our anniversary, and tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, so I found him two really cool old World War 2 books at the thrift store while yarn shopping. I hope he likes them. They look really neat.


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