Ho hum. Have spent the day cleaning out the close…

Ho hum. Have spent the day cleaning out the closet. Nope, not the yarn closet– our clothes closet. Ugh. I have no idea how we’ve accumulated so many clothes. I’m in a blah mood today. Nothing special going on. Dh and I went to our favorite restaurant last night to celebrate Valentine’s Day and our anniversary– Macaroni Grill. Their chianti is soo good. Dh is working on our new laundry room downstairs. I think that’s why I’m so bored and have cabin fever. I will be so happy when this house is finally finished. We’ve been living in chaos for way too long. Only problem is, we’ve barely started. The only room we’ve actually finished completely so far is the entryway. Here’s a pic of it:

It was completely falling in, and was pretty much an enclosed porch area when we moved in. The ceiling was leaking, the floor was falling in, the window frame was rotting out, and now we’ve made it a part of the house by insulating it, laying new subfloor, laying the tile, reworking the ceiling, putting the wood up and moving the exterior door to the other side. And that’s only the work we’ve done to ONE room. We’ve also redone the kitchen one hundred percent completely– I won’t even talk about how nasty it was (although the tile’s not layed yet), completely ripped out the carpeting and layed hardwood (although it’s not finished yet), and have started work on the old laundry room (had to tear out the existing walls in there and re-drywall), and dh is now almost complete with the new laundry room downstairs. I get a storage area for all my soaping supplies, and a sink in the old laundry room (which we’re turning into an addition to the kitchen with it’s own sink, countertops and cabinets). I can’t wait to have a soaping area 🙂


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