Woo hoo it looks like the GSRP (Great Stash Redist…

Woo hoo it looks like the GSRP (Great Stash Redistribution Project), Slip Stitch is headed my way already. I’m so excited (my exclamation key does not work). CJ posted about it on her blog, then it goes to one more person and THEN ME. I see some things in CJ’s picture that I hope are still there when I get it 🙂 🙂

Boy I’m glad it’s Thursday. The weather is GORGEOUS today. I think we almost hit 50. BUT, I realized this morning, it’s already Progress Report time (halfway through 3rd quarter), and I’m so behind on my grading, it’s disgusting. I’m desperately putting feelers out for another teaching job for next year, but it doesn’t look like many schools are going to be hiring this fall because of all of the budget cuts (don’t you just love Granholm?) Yuk. Hope to relax with my Kureyon bag for Survivor and CSI tonight. I haven’t been knitting much this week.

I was disappointed that Dean dropped out of the race. I really liked him, but no one was voting for him, so I’m not surprised he dropped out. I just don’t like Kerry. I guess I’ll have to read up more on Edwards. Though I DEFINITELY don’t like Bush. It’s kind of strange working in a school where EVERYONE is a Republican. I NEVER talk about politics there.


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