Well, I am still working on my Kureyon purse, and …

Well, I am still working on my Kureyon purse, and my middle school girls are SO getting into the knitting thing– one of them just had a birthday party, and they were all going to knit at the party– I’m so excited that they’re excited. Please email me at my address in the sidebar if you’d like to donate yarn or needles to their project. They love variegated yarn, and use all kinds of needles– circs, wood, bamboo, metal– most of them are using metal now (it’s cheap), but I know they’d love the joys of plastic or wood 🙂 We’re knitting for the Snuggles project right now, and come this fall I hope to start knitting hats and scarves for various other charities. I know there are more students who’d like to join, but just can’t afford yarn or needles. That’s where you could help 🙂

In other news, I’ve decided to start a small home-based soap company. It’s tentatively called the White Lake Soap Company, and I’m working on my packaging right now. I plan to sell soaps (of course) and shea butter cream (great for knitter’s dry hands). Keep your eyes peeled for pics soon.


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