Well, it’s summer vacation and that means FREE TIM…

Well, it’s summer vacation and that means FREE TIME. Wondering what that is? Believe me, I hear you. At least now I have time to give to my crafting. Picking up the needles is so nice. I’m currently working on a few quick gifties– just finished a washcloth, a felted potholder, a small gift bag, and just cast on yesterday for a felted dog pull toy. I’m contemplating Charlotte’s Web which I’ve only just heard about (I know it’s old old news for most of you– I just started reading the knitting boards again), or a pair of socks to work on next for me.

It’s been a tough year so far. I lost my newly acquired job (although the paychecks will keep coming until the end of July). My grandmother died the week before last, so we had to drive down for her memorial service. It was such a shock– she wasn’t sick at all and was such a tough, independent woman it was incredibly hard, and still is.

Yesterday I got a whim and used one of those home highlighting kits. Lets just say I’m never getting that whim again. The point of highlighting is to create streaks. I have one solid layer of bronze hair over top of my dark brown. Grrr. Planning to head out to CVS and pick up a box of regular hair color to dye my whole head back. So much for a change.


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