Ok so I do pilates one day and already I’m feeling…

Ok so I do pilates one day and already I’m feeling lazy again. Of course that could be due to my massive cramps. Ugh. I told myself yesterday, I’ll get up, check the computer for about 5 minutes, start the coffee, do my pilates and then I’ll get to drink my coffee. Well, 1 hour later I’m still on the computer now drinking my coffee. I am making progress, however, just not in the physical fitness side of things. I’m looking for free knitting patterns to strike my inspiration at starting Christmas gifts. I did come across THESE nice washcloths. I may knit up a few to take with me to the show my MIL has set me up to sell my soap at in November (if we’re still on speaking terms then).

Yesterday I made vanilla sugar and vanilla extract, so those would make nice gifts, too. And I’m sure I’ll make sure everyone gets a bar of soap and a lotion (handmade by me, as well).

I’m rather disappointed I missed the sign ups for the Knitter’s Review Secret Pal program. I love secret pals! I just signed up for one at a soaping message board I’m on.


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