So what’s the big deal with Gmail? I do a little …

So what’s the big deal with Gmail? I do a little google search after reading a thread on one of my many message boards where people are begging for invite codes, and see that it’s Google powered email. Ok, it looks pretty neat- you never have to file away messages and will always be able to find them again later, but it’s still just email.

Don’t we all already have an email address? Isn’t it a huge pain in the ass to change it over to something new (think of all the people you need to email, and then, like they’d even remember you have a new address)? It seems to me that people want it primarily because they very nearly can’t get it. You have to be “chosen,” one of a select few to become invited. And yet, I feel the desire to beg for an invite, as ridiculous as I feel about it.

Why is it that we always want what we can’t have? I know I’m guilty of the same thing. I, too, as I know many of you do, have a bag of beanie babies stashed away in my mom’s attic with plastic tag protectors on the tags. I remember the Cabbage Patch doll craze, the Tickle Me Elmos (I actually wrote a paper on him for one of my sociology classes in college), and whatever new toy is dubbed the “hot new toy for your kids this Christmas.”

I guess what I’m kind of fearful of, is the same phenomenon happening with yarn. What if, suddenly, you can’t find Noro Kureyon in the color deemed to become collectible? What if Brown Sheep stops making Lamb’s Pride in that pretty dusty blue color? I just know I’ll be running to every online shop I can think of searching for the last bagful.

I think I must run to my yarn stash and admire my treasures, collectible or not.


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