Well, I’m leaving for my parents’ home in Ohio lat…

Well, I’m leaving for my parents’ home in Ohio later today, and since I don’t have to drive (we only have one car right now so Jason is driving me halfway down and my parents are meeting us there), I’m trying to get some knitting situated for the 4 hour drive. I cast off the pillow yesterday– it’s a little smaller than I’d planned but it’ll do. I’m not going to felt it until I get back. I’m going to send my Kureyon purse another couple cycles through the washer, too– I’m not happy with it’s floppyness.

Anyway, on to the point. I’m going to be at my parents for a whole week (longest time since I moved out in 2000), so I’m bringing lots of knitting. I have two skeins of sock yarn (optimistic? yes), 2 skeins of cotton for dishcloths, and the 4 skeins of Online Linie I’m using to hopefully devise a lacey look poncho. I cast on last night using a modified pattern and am about halfway into one of the sides. I just hope it turns out. My math skills are not the best. I absolutely love this yarn though. It’s a cotton/ linen blend and it’s so soft, and drapes beautifully on the size 17 needles I’m using to give it a lace look. I worked until almost midnight last night and am just loving my progress.

I hope to have pictures of the completed object when I return!


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