Well, I’m back and am trying to get the house back…

Well, I’m back and am trying to get the house back in order after Jason was left alone for a week.  Sheesh.  Lots of laundry, dishes, and plain on picking up to do.  I’ve been doing a bit of Flylady but not religiously, just enough to keep the house running.  I do love having a clean sink, though.


I finished both parts of the poncho when I was gone, but haven’t sewn it up yet.  I want to take my time and have it look really nice, so I’m waiting until I have more attention to give it.  I also knit a washcloth, and have just cast on for another– this one in blue and white for my cousin Marissa– she’s due in August– it’s a boy.  We also went to a yarnstore in downtown Springboro, Ohio and I raided the sale basket for 3 big skeins of Mountain Colors in a pretty greenish blue. 


I’m so excited to read about the new Secret Pal Knitting Program.  Check it out here— sign-ups are until July 23rd!


I haven’t posted about it, but our dog, Otis, is very sick.  We don’t think he’s going to make it much longer.  He’s not eating, and the vet doesn’t know what’s wrong with him (we’ve taken him in 3 times in the past month).  We think it may be his heart. 


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