I decided to go thrift store shopping today. I wa…

I decided to go thrift store shopping today. I was sick of being in the house, and needed to get out. Usually I go in, browse for 10 minutes, and then walk out empty handed. I’ve found the occasional vintage Pyrex mixing bowl or covered casserole dish there (have I ever told you about my mixing bowl and casserole dish fetish?), but nothing too exciting. I’ve always been jealous of the massive yarn finds that people post about from their thrift store trips. Well imagine my grin when I walked out with this for only $19 and change.

As far as yarn goes, there’s 4 100 gram skeins of Brunswick virgin unscoured wool, 8 50 gram skeins of Phildar Palmares, 4 50 gram skeins and a large ball of Berroco Romeo, and a skein of Bernat Cuddledown. I also picked up a pair of Banana Republic wool/cashmere pants, a pair of American Eagle khakis, a Guess short sleeved top, a Christmas story collection (I have such a habit of collecting children’s story anthologies), a party game book (I plan on gifting it), a book of Love poems (which may also be gifted) and a novel called Sadie Shapiro’s Knitting Book. It’s not a pattern book, but it’s about knitting, so it looked enjoyable. I’m still feeling a rush from such a great find! And to think, I almost walked out without checking the back of the store. The yarn was in a tote with a few books piled on top, obscuring it’s view.


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