My secret pal has emailed me to tell me I have a p…

My secret pal has emailed me to tell me I have a package coming early next week. I can’t wait! She/he has requested that I answer a few more questions so here you go:

What are your top 3 favorite yarns?

I would probably have to say Noro Kureyon, Brown Sheep Lamb’s Pride and Manos del Uruguay. It’s so hard to narrow down to just 3 though! I also love handspun and Paton’s Classic Merino as well as Magic Stripes.

– What yarns would you most like to try?

Lorna’s Laces, Noro Silk Garden and Koigu–although again, VERY hard to narrow it down

– Is there any project or technique that you’ve been wanting to try?

Charlotte’s Web is a project I’ve been wanting to try; I’ve also been wanting to try my hand at intarsia.

and lastly – Any special knitting gadgets or supplies you’ve been eyeing?

I can always use circular needles (preferably bamboo), small dpns (I like the Swallow Caseins in sizes 1-3 US) because I’m constantly losing mine, tape measures, stitch holders and counters (again I constantly lose things). I could definitely use another Kacha Kacha counter. It’s hard having just one when I usually want to work more than one project at a time. And of course a swift and ball winder (though way too expensive 😉 ).

I’m easy to please I swear! If it’s knitting related I’ll be so excited, because I *rarely* get knitting gifts. Jason is intimidated to buy anything knitty, and my mom as well so unless I’m there to pick something out, I don’t get any knitty gifts. 🙂

I finished the bucket hat yesterday and sent it through the washer. I’m undecided about it. I think I’m just not a hat person. I was invisioning wearing it as my winter hat– it’s dressier. The brim ended up a little bigger than I would have liked and it didn’t felt as much as the rest of the hat. Sigh. I suppose I could gift it, but I have no clue who to gift it to! And I so loved the yarn color.

Yesterday I cast on for the UCan2 Shell from Chicknits with my teal Cottonease. I initially wanted to knit the Chickami, but the yarn is too thick for that, so I decided to go for the UCan2. It’s really basic, but I’m hoping it’ll fit me.

Nothing much else to report. I watched Bend it Like Beckham and Freaky Friday yesterday. My library is starting to get some great newer movies in. Both were ok. I also started reading The Girl With The Pearl Earring. I wanted to read the book before I watched the movie. So far it’s really good.


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