My Kool Aid yarn  Finally! I’ve been having co…

My Kool Aid yarn Posted by Hello

Finally! I’ve been having computer troubles for an hour. Turns out I had some pretty big spyware programs and files, so I ran adaware (which I just ran the day before yesterday) and deleted them and then had to reboot.

On to the yarn! From left to right I used:

*Wilton icing coloring in leaf green (I’m thinking about overdying it with sky blue)

*1 packet Kool Aid Berry Blue + 1 pkt KA lemonade + 1 pkt KA Lemon Lime + 1 pkt KA Wild Watermelon Kiwi– I really like the color of this one, it looks more blue-green IRL

*1 pkt Drink Aid Raspberry + 1 pkt Drink Aid Grape + 1 pkt DA black cherry– this is my favorite by far; the color is much richer IRL

* 2 pkts Drink Aid orange, 2 pkts Kool Aid orange, 1 Kool Aid cherry– this yarn isn’t Fisherman’s wool– you can see the different texture. It’s a yarn I picked up from Greenfield Village in Dearborne, Michigan. They keep sheep there in the summer.

*2 pkts Drink Aid orange, 1 pkt Kool Aid cherry

There’s not much difference in the last 2 orange skeins, although it’s easier to tell in person that the Greenfield Village yarn is a tad darker.


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