Ugh. I must have jinxed myself. I sent out Adagi…

Ugh. I must have jinxed myself. I sent out Adagio tea GCs to a few people on the RAOK list yesterday, and today I feel sick. I could really use some tea myself right now. I woke up with a sore throat but didn’t think much of it, and now I feel terrible. My ears are hurting and I’m *really* wishing I hadn’t eaten that onion roll with my lunch. Oh well, it’s not like I had a lot planned for today anyway. I already picked up my stack of books from the library. I requested The Green Mountain Spinnery book (again, I’ve requested it a few times), Anna Karenina , The Shop on Blossom Street, and The Birth of Venus.

I’m about 10 rows past the ribbing on the Chickami– just about to start the shaping. I love the Patons Grace yarn, it drapes beautifully and is so soft. I plan on catching BB5 and Celebrity Poker tonight while knitting. Dh is going to be at an important work event, so I’ll be home by myself and hopefully can get quite a bit done.


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