As you can see I’ve added a google search. T…

As you can see I’ve added a google search. Too bad it doesn’t work… hmmm anyone know why I can’t get it to work? I submitted my site to google, don’t know if I needed to or not though. Maybe I just need to give it some time to update.

Still no Secret Pal 3 match… I hope you all don’t think I don’t dearly dearly appreciate all the work Kae is doing. I’m just an impatient gal by nature, and so so excited 🙂 I am a bit worried, though, as she hasn’t posted on her blog or the sp3 blog since Thursday. Though I know she was very sick with allergies. Hope she feels better soon. Jason has terrible allergies as well, so I know how bad they can be.

We rented Season 3 of The Sopranos last night, so I had some time to work on my chickami. I’m hoping to finish it soon, so I can focus my attention on my knitalongs that start this weekend– the poncho and the DNA scarf.

Jason and I stopped at the pet store last night to get Patches litter, and saw a few puppy announcements. We truly miss Otis, and would like to get another dog, but I don’t know if we’re ready. I don’t think Jason could handle having another yellow lab. Otis was too perfect of a dog to have another yellow lab to compare to him– I don’t think it would be fair to the dog. Is that horrible?

As I go through other sp3ers blogs, I see a question I didn’t answer for sp2, so here you go secret pals:

What fibers do you absolutely *not* like?

I do not like acrylic. I realize this might make me a yarn snob, and I *did* just purchase some Wool Ease for the DNA scarf, and the Landscapes pictured below (50% acrylic), but overall, I do not like it. I guess, more specifically, I do not like Red Heart and the all acrylic Lion Brands.

And add stitch marker making to my list of hobbies/crafts. I’ve been buying e-beads and charms right and left. Joann’s just had all their Jewelry making supplies 40% off. Woo hoo. As soon as Jason saw my pile of completed stitch markers, he said, “Oh no, another obsession.” teehee


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