I’m not in a good mood. I’m PMSing, I go to the O…

I’m not in a good mood. I’m PMSing, I go to the OBGYN tomorrow for my yearly exam, and dh is ticking me off. He told me 3 hours ago that he’d “be home soon” after also telling me he didn’t have time to fax the one thing I needed faxed and probably won’t have time tomorrow (my resume to a school district– he complains that I’m not subbing yet, but won’t help me out). Ha. Good thing I went ahead and ate dinner (and a good sized margarita). AND to top it all off, I got bubkis in the mail today. Harumph. Does anyone look forward to the mail as much as I do?

I have been working a bit on my poncho, and have only the straps to finish on the chickami (I don’t feel up to measuring right now to see how long I want them).

I did, however, finish The Birth of Venus— thank you Lauren for recommending it– I did really enjoy it. I’ve started Anna Karenina, but don’t really have the patience right now to get through those long names *snicker*. I’ve also found out that a library in my library network has copies of Vogue Knitting– so I’ve requested a half dozen copies for interlibrary loan. Oh how I love the library system. I’m almost ashamed to admit, however, that I walked out of my library empty handed this morning. Couldn’t find anything to strike my fancy.


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