I hit the jackpot at the mailbox on Thursday! Fir…

I hit the jackpot at the mailbox on Thursday! First off, I got my Meathead kit from Larissa– I already knit it last night while watching BB5, just have to seam it up–so cute that she included a bag of Stash tea– I’m just about to go brew the tea, it’s chilly today. Then I also got a huge Fire Mountain Gems jewelry making catalog (for beaded stitch markers of course!). I also got 6 skeins of Hemp/Wool (an Ebay purchase with paypal funds from a few sales I made) possibly for the Chicknits lacey pullover, AND I got an RAOK from Karen at Needles and Wool— it’s some gorgeous wool/mohair in such a pretty orangey shade. It’s definitely destined to become a scarf for me 🙂 Yes, I’m a selfish knitter and I don’t care.

And now, on to the obligatory knitty news. Yep, the new Knitty is up. Let me just say, the Hallowig is too cool for words. HOWEVER, I probably have way too much hair to make it work. Initially, I really like Skating Queen. That is, until I scrolled down to the second picture and knew it wouldn’t hang right on me. I like Belle Star as a poncho, but I already have 2 ponchos in my future, so I can’t see it happening (how many ponchos does a gal need?). Blaze is an amazing pattern, but I probably won’t ever knit it. Leo is very fetching, but my dh is an XXL and I fear the yarn WAY over my budget and I can’t see myself ever knitting him anything on size 3 needles– it would take me YEARS. Cozy is nice, but will I knit it? I dunno, probably not. Overall, I would say this Knitty issue is really nice to look at, but I don’t see anything in my future for it really. I love knitting candy, though, even if I don’t end up knitting anything from it.


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