I’ve had some majorly scary computer issues this w…

I’ve had some majorly scary computer issues this weekend, so I’m not up to a long picture laden post. Turns out we had a nasty trojan in our computer and TONS upon TONS of spyware. I had to go to some hefty measures to get rid of it (try running spyware deleters for a full 50 hours), but I think I’ve finally done it– I had to run a scary program called HijackThis to get rid of it. I was terribly frightened that I was going to end up deleting something important, but I’m rather proud of myself for figuring it out and solving the issue. I’m using Firefox now instead of IE and running a good firewall as well.

Anywho, not to bore you with the whole computer escapade, but since I couldn’t do much web browsing yesterday, I did spend a fair amount of time knitting on my poncho. I’m nearing completion. I only have about a ball of yarn left to go 🙂 I still haven’t started the DNA scarf, but I will, I swear (at least that’s what I keep telling myself).

I’ll try to post pictures this week of my current WIPs (I have new buttons on the left); I must now go and make a Boddingtons run for dh and his trebuchet buddies. We do so enjoy the cream of Manchester!


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