Finally I have some internet time! Dh took today …

Finally I have some internet time! Dh took today off work to get some things done–one being we went to get my new bigger tires put on my Jeep. They’re actually not new tires, they’re used from a truck that got donated to Purple Heart, but they’re new to me. My Jeep is so much bigger now; I really need some sidesteps. Jason put a one inch lift on it, too. I’ll have to take a pic later. But now Jason has gone to work on his trebuchet, so I’m here alone. Which is perfectly fine by me, because I need my alone time (and he hates Big Brother which is on tonight so I won’t have to hear him whine LOL), and I need to knit!

I did finish one sock last night while watching Survivor, CSI and part of Without a Trace. Overall, I thought the first episode of Survivor was kind of boring, but it was only the first episode, and I don’t really know the characters yet so we’ll see. CSI was pretty good though. I thought it got kind of boring last year as the season went on, and I don’t like the Miami edition (so I probably won’t be watching the NY series either).

I’m having fun cruising through the blogs on the RAOK group. Everyone’s projects look so great, I’m really getting some inspiration. It’s also great to hear everyone blog about their gifts they receive from fellow RAOK’ers. It’s so much fun getting gifties. It reminds me of when I was a kid and I used to read the Laura Ingalls Wilder series. My favorite part of Little House in the Big Woods was when they opened their Christmas presents. I’ve always loved reading about people opening gifts; brings out the little kid in me. Ok, who am I kidding, I read that book every year to this day over the holiday season. That and The Glass Mermaid. I’m so sentimental.


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