Not much to report today. I’ve been working outsi…

Not much to report today. I’ve been working outside with Jason. There was a whole bunch of junk the previous owners left in the backyard that needed to be cleared away so he could pour the foundation for his garage. Now I’m pooped and am just about to settle in with a nice cup of chai. Speaking of which, if anyone wants a $5 Gift Certificate to Adagio teas, email me at lisayoud at gmail dot com and I can set you up. Always happy to addict someone else to their tea! They have a great intro package for $15 that comes with a nifty little brewer thing for looseleaf teas (I use mine every single day).

I managed to work my way to the heel last night on the second sock. And in other knitting news, I’m thinking about joining the Hallowig knit along, but I honestly have no idea why I would knit it. I don’t dress up for Halloween, I don’t have any children to knit it for, but still, I’m tempted. It looks like fun, and a great way to use up some otherwise worthless to me acrylic.

I leave you with a picture of a very unhappy Patches, after his bath. He groomed himself for a good hour, maybe two, until he was all nice and dry again.

P.S. I just configured my site feed. So if you tried to add me to your bloglines account, you couldn’t before, but should be able to now. I don’t understand exactly what I did, but it works now. 🙂


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