Not much to report knitting wise I’m afraid. I’m …

Not much to report knitting wise I’m afraid. I’m almost finished with the heel flap on the sock– it’s taking forever because I’m not getting much time where I can sit for any extended period of time with Marz and all. Every other minute I’m up trying to find her or curbing any disagreements with Patches, or cleaning up doggie pee. Do I sound bitter? I hope not– I love her, she’s just exhausting. Thanks for the tips on housetraining, everyone who left them. I especially like the one about having her sit before I take her out. I can’t wait until she gets the hang of it. Phew.

I actually had a decent day today. I worked for half a day at a middle school, and it reminded me how much I like that age. Maybe I’m just loony, but I think middle school kids are fun. And then, after work, I came home to a RAOK. Sorry I don’t have pictures– I’m trying to hurriedly post tonight, but Megan sent me a package of chocolate covered espresso beans– which have already been opened and partially eaten, and 2 skeins of Patons Classic Merino in a fabulous Paprika Orange. I love Classic Merino, and that happened to be my favorite colorway!


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