Well the verdict is in on the first library sale. …

Well the verdict is in on the first library sale. I sold: a lip balm. Oh well. It’s something, right? They had basically no advertising for this first sale, so hopefully it picks up. Not much else going on around here. We didn’t end up going to the apple orchard. We drove all the way out there (ok, not really “all the way,” it’s only 15 minutes away), and then came back home because they were SUPER busy. As in the line to get in their store was about 30 people deep. It was nuts. We’re going to try to go back sometime in the evening this week. Hopefully they’ll be less busy.

Here’s the promised picture of my SP3 gift:

Isn’t it great? There was a Jimmy Neutron Lollipop, too, but I already ate it. In the knitting arena, I’ve been working on the Irish Hiking scarf knitalong– I’m just about to post progress pics over there. Be sure to check it out (click on the button in the toolbar)–there are some great scarves in progress already posted.

Remember how I said it was cold before? Well, it’s 37 right now. I’m not sure how cold it got last night, but it was cold enough for the electric blanket and a winter jacket. Marz only got us up once overnight– she must have thought it was too cold, too!


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