Procrastination I am such a procrastinator! Ra…


I am such a procrastinator! Rather than working all week on the felted bags I mentioned previously, I decide to do this:

Take all of these

Do a little of this

And end up with this

(pardon the big “garage” mess behind the yarn)

I LOVE the way it turned out! It looks tie-dyed, and so hippy. It’s the hank of laceweight merino I bought on Ebay. I plan on turning it into some kind of shawl. I don’t think it’s the right weight (too light) for a Charlotte, but I might try the Flower Basket shawl from IK.

It’s finally warmed up a little here– we’ve nearly hit 70 these past couple of days. I have about 6 felted gift bags completed so far– not so great, but not too bad either, especially since I worked all day yesterday. We’re either going to the apple orchard with some friends today, or just the two of us on Monday. Today Jason is putting bricks down on our front stoop– it looks so great I’ll have to post pictures later, and I’m going to paint some trim outside.

In other terrifying news, Jason found a dead mole in our bedroom this morning. Yes, you read that right. Marz must have grabbed it and brought it in sometime last night when we were taking her out. I’m so grossed out by it– I didn’t even see it when I got up and probably walked right past the thing! Ew ew ew ew ew. Don’t worry, no pictures of it here! I’m still shuddering. Blech.


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