Thanks for the kind thoughts about my job intervie…

Thanks for the kind thoughts about my job interview, Lauren. They called me back today and wanted me to teach a mock lesson next Tuesday, but Jason and I have decided that it’s not the right career choice for me. It’s a little too part-time; I think it’ll be better if I stick to subbing right now. It was great interview practice though!

I think I am becoming a spazz knitter. I keep jumping from project to project lately. Currently I’m working Mystery Project #1 from Martheme. Expect to see a picture tomorrow! I’m hoping to finish it tonight while watching CSI and Survivor. The “mystery-ness” of it sucked me in.

Anyone who hasn’t already, go check out Elizabeth’s cookbook project. She’s getting a lot of recipes, but she could use some more! Speaking of food, I put together an eggplant artichoke dish in the crockpot today. If it’s good, I may post the recipe tomorrow– it certainly smells good!

This morning I watched a few movies that I rented from I signed up for a 2 week trial– I was a member a long time ago, but it got to be too pricey, so I figured I’d sign up for the trial again and rent a few movies Jason had no interest in seeing. This morning I watched Supersize Me. It was a lot different than I expected it to be, but it was good. If you don’t know the premise, it’s a documentary about a guy who ate nothing but McDonald’s food for a month. MickeyD’s for breakfast, lunch and dinner every day. If they asked him to supersize it, he did. Shortly after the release of the movie at the Sundance Film Festival, McDonald’s decided to do away with Supersizing. Interesting, eh? What else I found interesting was that his girlfriend is a vegan chef, and he’s chowing down on Big Macs and double Quarter Pounders. Eww. It was definitely worth the watch– they also discussed nutrition in schools.

I also watched Mean Girls, which wasn’t as good as I thought it would be. I expected it to be a little darker and not so much pop. I plan on watching my 3rd rental tomorrow sometime– Fahrenheit 9/11. I KNOW Jason won’t watch this one with me.

I forgot to mention the book I just finished, so I had to edit. I just finished Food of Love by Anthony Capella. It was really good! To boil it down (no pun intended) it’s about Italian food and love. I love books that combine a love story with food and cooking. The descriptions of the cooking and the food were simply amazing; it made my mouth water to just read it. Anyone else have any “food and fiction” books to recommend? I’ve read Like Water for Chocolate, Secrets of the Tsil Cafe (very good! I recommend!) and a few others that I can’t remember the title to, but I’m always looking for more foodie reads 🙂


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