Not a Good Weekend Warning– vents ahead. I fi…

Not a Good Weekend

Warning– vents ahead. I finished my Mystery project on Friday and was all set to take pictures yesterday, when I got sidetracked. So last night I hopped online for a few minutes and then realized that Marzi was unsupervised so I hopped up and ran into the living room where Marzi was chewing on a piece of something pink. I assumed it was a wrapper of somesort until I got closer and realized my Mystery project was on the floor next to her. She chewed off the icord top and knot! Oh I was so upset, though rest assured I didn’t take it out on her, as it was my fault– I thought I had put it somewhere where she couldn’t reach it, but I guess she’s growing faster than I thought. I don’t know if I can fix it, and don’t feel like trying right now– I threaded a piece of yarn through the stitches at the top, but set it aside. Arg. 3 days of knitting down the drain, and now I can’t even enter the contest for it because I hadn’t taken pics yet! I *am* nearing completion of the Irish Hiking scarf though. Only a little bit left to knit– I’m only using 2 balls of Wool-ease and the last ball is getting small. Next up is a mystery project of my own for my sister for Christmas, which I won’t post about because she might be reading my blog 😉

It’s been downright freezing here. It rained all day Friday and Saturday, and it’s windy today. Brrrrrr. I put in Fahrenheit 9/11 Friday night while dh was out, but I didn’t even watch it all the way through. As much as I dislike Bush and his policies, I didn’t feel Michael Moore did a very good job at portraying hard facts. It seemed much to editorial-like and opinionated to me. I ended up watching Joan of Arcadia instead– I really like that show, but don’t usually catch it when Jason’s home. He doesn’t like it much. I have Hidalgo coming on Monday from Netflix. Oh how I enjoy looking at Viggo Mortenson!

I received a gift of some wonderful chocolate from a fellow RAOK-er, however I’ve misplaced the envelope and can’t remember who it was from! Thank you so much mystery RAOK-er, it’s now nearly gone, but it is wonderful and really perked up my meager Friday!


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