I’m alive I’m alive! I’ve been working on soap …

I’m alive I’m alive!

I’ve been working on soap sale stuff all week for my event last night. I’m so relieved it’s over! I made $200 (after Habitat for Humanity got their cut), and I think that’s really good considering it was my first sale ever! My table got a lot of traffic (more than most of the home businesses did like Longaberger and Tupperware). I sold out of 3 varieties of soap, a foot set that I did up and almost sold out of lotion.

Now I can concentrate on all this knitting I have to do, and on getting the house in order. We have lots of people coming over Saturday– dh is setting off the trebuchet, and my family is coming up from Ohio.

The only knitting I’ve done this week is a few rounds on my Harlot2 poncho when I was subbing one day this week. I did pick up a copy of Knit.1, and got my Winter Interweave in the mail although I haven’t really looked through it too well. Knit.1 is definitely geared towards the high school/college age crowd. I felt so old reading it– and I’m only 26! I was interested in a cardigan and another sweater, although I’ll probably sub Patons Classic Wool for the Wool Ease. I LOVE Patons Classic Wool– it’s delish, has great yardage, and is inexpensive!


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