My parents couldn’t come up this weekend, which wa…

My parents couldn’t come up this weekend, which was a bummer. There was a fatal accident at my dad’s work last week, so he had to work over the weekend. So, it looks like I won’t be seeing my family until Thanksgiving. I haven’t seen them since July, so I’m missing them terribly– I was really disappointed that we couldn’t show them the Lincoln and the trebuchet.

Speaking of the Lincoln, we took it for a short drive yesterday morning. I LOVE it. I just bought the original manual for it off Ebay. Ebay is such a great thing. I keep doing searches, looking for a few parts we need to fix it up.

I haven’t been able to accomplish much knitting this week– I was focused on cleaning the house after my sale on Wednesday, although I did finish my SIL’s mittens, and am currently working on an ornament for an ornament swap I’m in. I’ve decided, I think, to knit up some small felted mittens. I have to do 15, but they work up rather quickly. I’ve also placed THREE orders for Highland Wool from Elann. I know, I’m crazy, but I just keep thinking of more projects to do with it. So far, I have purchased 10 balls of Spiced Wine for the sweater in Last Minute Knitted Gifts, 3 balls Dried Herb for a hat for someone for Christmas, 4 balls Oxford Grey Heather for a scarf for Christmas, and most recently I placed an order for 4 balls Mocha Heather, 3 balls Harvest Heather and 4 balls Oregano. I’m obsessed, I know!

Here’s SIL’s Mittens:

The elann yarn I’ve received so far:

And here is what we did on Sunday– fired the trebuchet into the woods behind our house.

Here’s a picture of the guys setting it up

The guy with the funny hat is our vet. He is such a hoot– we were all disappointed he didn’t bring his bagpipes over to play.

And yes, that says Trogdor as in Trogdor the Burninator from I told you these guys are cuckoo! It even has dragon spikes if you can see them!

Close up of the basket where the weights go:

Ready to fire:

An action shot:

The pumpkins went pretty far– they did better than last year. Here is their fate after the boys went to hunt them down:

Some of the boys that came found an old doll head in the woods, and they wanted to fire it off– here’s what dh did for them (the spookiest thing I’ve ever seen!):


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