I’ve been feeling kind of crappy emotional-wise la…

I’ve been feeling kind of crappy emotional-wise lately* and I’ve decided to start taking St Johns Wort. Wish me luck with it. I’d rather not go on any “hardcore” antidepressents right now (no disrespect to anyone who’s on them), but if these don’t work, that will surely be my next step.

I did get to have some knitting and yarn talk at the school I worked at today. I taught 1st grade, and the aide that comes in to help out is currently being taught to knit, along with her daughter, by one of the mom’s of a girl in the class. I thought that was pretty cool. She was asking me all kinds of knitterly questions. It’s nice to be able to talk fiber for a bit.

Mitten ornament count: so far, 5 pre-felted. 10 more to go!

*If you’ve read my blog the past few months, you know this has been an ongoing issue with me. I’m not just doing it on a whim. I’ve talked to my doctor and this is the choice I’m making for right now.

Thanks for those who have offered their support. Just talking about it and embarking on this treatment is a huge step for me.


One Response to “I’ve been feeling kind of crappy emotional-wise la…”

  1. Lauren Says:

    Lisa, I hope the St. John’s Wort works well for you. I know things have been a struggle for you… I will keep you in my thoughts.

    Thank you for your sweet (and funny) birthday card! It made me smile đŸ™‚

    I can’t wait to see the lil’ mittens.

    Take care.

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