I’m slowwwwwly knitting away on my mini mittens fo…

I’m slowwwwwly knitting away on my mini mittens for my ornament swap. I managed to get one done and halfway through another while watching Lost last night. I generally only knit at home while watching tv, and I didn’t watch tv much yesterday. I spent most of yesterday placing some really cheap orders for Christmas presents online. My husband nicknamed me the Freebie Queen some time ago. Since my introduction to the internet in the fall of ’96, I have managed to acquire king sized down pillows, a stainless toaster, fleece throws, a computer, running shoes, makeup, various toiletries, mugs, t shirts, sweatshirts, socks, books, and many many other things absolutely free. The deals, however, are much fewer and far between, but lately (I suppose because spending is down due to the economy), a few great deals have popped up.

Yesterday, I ordered a couple free flags from Fogdog.com, I’ve gotten 2 $100 Amazon.com GCs, and I’ve gotten some great deals on DVDs from doing a Columbia House offer. So Christmas is looking a bit up this year. I’m sure Jason won’t be looking for incredible deals like mine, so I probably won’t be getting as much, but that’s ok because I spent part of the Amazon.com GCs on me. I ordered myself a swift, a couple skeins of yarn, Stitch n Bitch Nation, Knitted Stockings, and Hollywood Knits Style. The felted mittens I’m currently knitting are from Knitted Stockings and dh expressed interest in me knitting him a stocking. It won’t happen this year, I’m sure, but it’s nice to have the book. I’m undecided on Stitch n Bitch Nation– there are a few things I might knit, but nothing is hitting me over the head just yet.

Tonight I hope to get a lot of mittens completed while watching Survivor and CSI. I need to mail them off next week, and I want to start on a hat for my mom and a ribbed scarf for my dad. I can’t decide if I just want to do a regular ribbed scarf, or one of the scarves from Last Minute Knitted Gifts. There’s one in there I really like, but it needs to be a really quick knit. I’m running out of time!


One Response to “I’m slowwwwwly knitting away on my mini mittens fo…”

  1. Christina Says:

    I am so impressed with all of your deals! My luck on the internet is never that good. I did manage to pick myself up a bunch of my favorite conditioner at Target last night though for only $.37 each (and they came with bodywash). No good deals for gifts though.

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