I feel so antsy today, like nothing’s connecting, …

I feel so antsy today, like nothing’s connecting, know what I mean? Maybe it’s the handful of chocolate covered coffee beans, but I can’t concentrate on anything. I have 2 1/2 mini mittens left to finish, then a whole lot of ends to weave in, and some major felting for my ornament swap. I still haven’t received my swift, which is contributing to part of my antsyness, nor the little bit of yarn and the set of needles I ordered with part of my Amazon GC, not to mention the mass quantities of Elann yarn headed my way!

I was asked to give my opinion of Hollywood Knits Style, which I just received yesterday (my Amazon order is broken into 3 shipments, two of which I have received). My verdict is, I’m not going to be keeping it in my collection–if any readers are interested in purchasing it (it’s a brand new hardback), I’ll set it to you for $18 including shipping. I can accept paypal (but no credit cards through paypal). I honestly didn’t see anything in there I wish to knit, but I know some people have found it irresistable. Such is the problem in living more than 30 minutes away from a good Brick and Mortar bookstore. Sigh. There are times that I really like living far away from everything except the usual Wal-mart, KMart and grocery stores, and there are times that I really wish we still lived the 5 minutes away from the mall and restaurants like we did when we were in an apartment in Novi.

All I’ve really done today, besides make myself some really good cheese crackers with a dab of sour cream sprinkled with dill, and doing laundry and dishes, is read. You’ll notice that I haven’t updated my recently read list on the left lately, but I have been reading. I recently finished Queen of the Big Time by Trigiani. I really liked it, although Amazon’s review was so-so. I haven’t read the Stone Gap books or Lucia, Lucia, which are also by her, but they’ve been added to my “hold” list at the library. Right now I’m reading The King of Torts by Grisham. I picked it up for $1 at the library from their sale bookshelf (I love that bookshelf– it’s like a mini library used booksale everytime I stop in– I almost always find something for 50 cents or $1 to purchase). It’s pretty good, but now that I’m 2/3 in, it’s just not holding my interest like it did in the beginning.

Just recently watched Shrek 2– I thought it was pretty good, but I thought Shrek 1 was better.


One Response to “I feel so antsy today, like nothing’s connecting, …”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    I love love love those chocolate covered coffee beans!


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