Picture Post My pictures suck today, but at lea…

Picture Post

My pictures suck today, but at least they give you some kind of visual representation of the knitting that’s been going on around here.

Here are the 3 washcloths for my SIL, and a hat for me (it looks small, but it’s rolled up a little):

I used regular old Sugar n Cream and the Grandma’s Favorite dishcloth pattern for the washcloths, and Elann’s Highland Wool in a heathered orange for the hat. I wish they had more of that color– I’m really pleased with how it knit up.

Here is a really bad picture of my dad’s scarf and hat in progress. I still need to block the scarf. For the hat, I’m kind of using the hat from Last Minute Knitted Gifts and adding a ribbed, turn up bottom. Both are using Elann’s Highland Wool.

Here is a picture of the cat toy from Stitch n Bitch Nation. The other ball is wrapped around the back of the door, or Patches will pull it off and then not play with it. He actually plays with it every morning.

Here is a picture of my newly organized stash.

I spent about an hour organizing it yesterday. I have a partial shelf for acrylic blends, a shelf for cotton, a special place for sock yarn, and the rest is mostly wool. I love wool. *sigh* You can also see my small stash of fabric. The pink is for a no sew fleece blanket for SIL.

And here is the piece de resistance. I knit this up yesterday for Jason’s stocking. Can you figure out what it is?

Did you guess correctly? Here’s a better picture:

It’s a willie warmer! Jason jokingly asked me a while ago to knit him one, and now he’s getting this one for Christmas. ROFL He would totally kill me if he knew I put this online, but it’s not like I took measurements or anything (and it DOES stretch). ROFLMAO


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