(please forgive any misspellings or other oddities…

(please forgive any misspellings or other oddities– I’m drinking wine because it’s FRIDAY! teehee)

Well, I didn’t get my yarn I ordered from HelloKnitty.com yet for Jason’s last hat so I didn’t work on it yesterday. Instead, I finished a long awaited drop stitch scarf out of Red Heart Symphony. I was going to give it to someone for Christmas, but don’t have anyone left to give it to, so I’m keeping it for me. I needed a new scarf this year anyway. In fact, I wore it today. I’ll take pics later.

Last night, I cast on for the Initial bag in Stitch n Bitch Nation last night while watching Survivor and CSI. This season’s Survivor was such a snore-fest! Anyone agree? I finished the front of the bag (yep, my first foray into intarsia!), and the first half of it looks a little puffy, but the rest looks great once I figured out that I should be twisting the yarn with each stitch instead of just dragging it across. I’m hoping the puffyness fixes a bit with blocking and then felting. I’m about halfway done with the back as well. It’s a quick project! Just the side piece, straps and seaming to go.

I finally recieved my order from Handpainted Yarn (userid: sanfelipeysantiago on Ebay), and it is divine! I’ll take a picture later, but I wish I could let you feel it– it’s so soft. The all-time softest wool I’ve ever felt. It smells very vinegar-y though. I have it hanging in the bathroom right now. Hope it airs out a bit as I hate Febreze.


One Response to “(please forgive any misspellings or other oddities…”

  1. Lauren Says:

    Maybe the vinegar is a good thing. Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece recommends washing in vinegar to keep the colors from bleeding. This survivor has been a bit dull. No one left is very likable, and I think it’s clear that if Chris makes it to the final 2, he’ll win. If Eliza makes it with T or S, she’ll win and if T and S are together in the finals, who cares? The jury hates them both.

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