Don’t really have much to say, this is pretty much…

Don’t really have much to say, this is pretty much just a post to let you all know I’m still alive. I’ve actually done a little bit of soaping. I had two orders this past week– one for $40 and one for $60. That’s nice right before Christmas! My stock is running really low, so looks like I’ll be soaping over the Christmas break (that is, if I have enough money to pick up some more supplies after all the shopping)!

I’m almost done with my Christmas shopping. I just need to pick up something for my dad, and for MIL and we’re done. I just bought Jason’s last present today. I’ve done 99% of my Christmas shopping online this year. It was so wonderful not to drive out to the mall and dodge all the people. Jason did all his shopping online– he informed me that he just finished yesterday. He’s having everything shipped to work so I can’t peek, the stinker.

We still haven’t decorated the tree, although the lights are on it, and there are presents under it already. We were going to do it Sunday, but we were too lazy. Hopefully we’ll get to it this week sometime. Saturday we have our first Christmas party of the year to go to.

In knitting news, I’m working on a hat for Jason out of black Cascade 220. It’s hard not being able to work on it when he’s home.

P.S. The reveal for SP3 was Dec. 4th and I still don’t know who my pal is. Oh pal! The suspense is driving me mad! 😉

Edit: only MIL left to buy for now! I just got my dad’s present online at JC Penney. 🙂


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