Initial Bag from Stitch n Bitch Nation I used Pa…

Initial Bag from Stitch n Bitch Nation

I used Patons Classic Wool for the orange, and Elann’s Highland Wool for the grey. I don’t think I’ll knit this bag again– too many pieces! I still have to sew on the handles and the icord trimming. Grrr. I hate seaming!

Hat for Me

The hat is made out of a yarn from Elann– it’s the oxblood colorway, and is 50% llama, 50% wool. I love that quick hat from Last Minute Knitted Gifts– there ares o many variations you can knit, and it only takes me about a day of casual, easy knitting.

SP3 Gift Posted by Hello

I’m *think* I’m going to make a felted stocking out of the great Noro Kureyon my pal, Rosanne sent me. I think there’s a pattern for it out of the Knitted Stockings book I just reserved at the library. The cookies from Japan have already been devoured– they were so cute! There was also a handful of fun size candy bars that I shared with Jason, and are gone, too. And how did you know I needed a new address book. I love that one– it’s beautiful! I feel so spoiled, thank you sp3!

And, last but not least, here is a picture of our Christmas tree. It’s kind of small, but we cut it down ourselves. 🙂


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