Not much to report today, although I did beat Jaso…

Not much to report today, although I did beat Jason at Monopoly last night 😉 He’s supposed to work late tonight, so it’ll be frozen dinners for dinner. I just returned from a run to the library– we’re supposed to get quite a bit of snow tonight through Thursday, and I was out of books to read, so I picked up a stack– among them The Passion of Artemisia by Susan Vreeland which looks good, and a book by Beverly Lewis and another by Joanna Trollope– anyone ever read these authors? I hadn’t, but they look interesting. I also got 2 movies from Blockbuster Online in the mail. We decided to cancel HBO and subscribe to Blockbuster. They’re generally pretty quick about sending them to us, and we’ve seen about everything on HBO already so it should be a decent deal. Garden State and Anchorman arrived today. I may watch Garden State tonight.

Over the holiday, Jason and I got hooked on a couple tv shows–Project Runway and Iron Chef America. I never really like the regular Iron Chef because of all the silly dub-overs, but Iron Chef America is pretty neat. It was nice watching tv with Jason with no other real worries or things to think about– he’s usually not a big tv watcher. I can’t wait until tomorrow night– new episodes of Project Runway and Lost are on! I hope to work quite a bit on my Here and There Cables Scarf. I’m about 1/3 of the way through.

I’m bummed that a new season of Knitty Gritty is out, but we don’t get the DIY network for some silly reason. We get 3 different MTVs and the Soap Opera channel, but no DIY. Grrrrrr.


One Response to “Not much to report today, although I did beat Jaso…”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    I love Project Runway. Totally got sucked in and can’t wait for the new episode tomorrow. So glad Starr got the boot last time. I felt bad for her, she was way out of her league.


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