Somehow, in trying to update my blog I did some wo…

Somehow, in trying to update my blog I did some wonky things and I think I deleted comments. So, if I deleted your comments, I didn’t do it on purpose– sorry 🙂

Yesterday, I decided to join the Yarn Diet for The World. I figure there are people and animals in the world that need help more than I need new yarn, and I’ve acquired a decent stash, so the small amount I would spend on yarn as long as I can hold out, is going to charity. And I hope that this charity-giving becomes a regular habit for us. I won’t say that I haven’t been tempted already in that 24 hours. I found myself looking on Ebay at this Ebay seller’s fabulous yarn and wanted to buy some laceweight, and then someone posted on Michiganknit about Knitpicks new color your own sock yarn. $3.49 for a skein big enough to knit a pair of socks! But I resisted. I pulled my packets of Kool Aid and a skein of Fisherman’s Wool out of my stash and think I will dye some later. They won’t become socks, but maybe I’ll dye something pretty enough to become a clapotis. I think I’ve decided that will be my next project.


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