Wishes I found this on Prudent Purl’s blog, and…


I found this on Prudent Purl’s blog, and I really like it. She got it from an old writing book, and seeing as I used to love writing exercises, I must try it. It’s supposed to steer you into moving towards your dreams, if done once a month.

25 wishes in no real order

1. I wish I was a little more in shape.

2. I wish my thighs and stomach were a little thinner.

3. I wish my mom & dad lived closer to us.

4. I wish we didn’t live so close to MIL.

5. I wish I could get a teaching job.

6. I wish I didn’t have to get a crappy summer job.

7. I wish we had enough financial means to start having kids.

8. I wish my soap business would take off.

9. I wish I could have slept in longer this morning.

10. I wish I had the motivation to do my pilates every day.

11. I wish my blog were cooler.

12. I wish I had more readers and commenters.

13. I wish Jason didn’t have to work so hard.

14. I wish he got more of the sleep he needs.

15. I wish my coffee were warmer.

16. I wish we didn’t have to worry about money.

17. I wish I wasn’t so selfish.

18. I wish I didn’t worry so much

19. I wish I had more patience.

20. I wish I had more (or really, any) IRL friends to hang out with.

21. I wish Marzipan hadn’t destroyed my banana plant.

22. I wish I had enough money to buy all the soaping and knitting supplies I wanted.

23. I wish the dishwasher actually got the dishes *clean.*

24. I wish I could knit a little faster.

25. I wish I could give more.


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