Exhausted! That is definitely how I feel today….


That is definitely how I feel today. Friday night, Jason got home from work and wanted to rearrange the entire bedroom. That involved not only moving furniture, but completely reorganizing the way our clothes were being stored and cleaning up everything. That was an event, but I must admit, things definitely look better in our bedroom.

Yesterday, we went shopping to finally get the hardware for our kitchen cabinets, and we bought a few other things. It’s been so long since I’ve been in a mall, and boy did I not miss it! Won’t be doing that again for a while.

Today, we cleaned the kitchen, put on all the hardware and then cleaned the rest of the house. Jason is now working on a bench for our entryway, and his friend is tearing apart the last room we need to remodel for a while– the master bedroom– it has nasty paneling and an “old man” smell to it. We’ve been using the guest bedroom since we moved in.

Not much has progressed as far as knitting goes. I’m still working on clapotis; I still have 2 more repeats to do on the Second Section (the part where you’re adding stitch markers). I did manage to weave in the ends and lint brush the Here and There Cables scarf, but still haven’t been able to block it. Unfortunately, my camera isn’t working right now or I’d take pictures!

This afternoon, I did a fair amount of work on updating my website. I’ve been trying out a few styles for my pages, and I’m just not happy with it. Unfortunately, I can’t afford to have someone work on it, so I guess I’m stuck with what’s available through the host. I’m still donating money to Doctors Without Borders, but will only be doing it through the end of January, so place your orders now! I may choose another charity to donate to for February or March.


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