Alas I return, and I have no pictures of knitting….

Alas I return, and I have no pictures of knitting. So sorry! I do, however, have pictures of Marzi and our snowfall this weekend. We got more than a foot of snow Saturday morning, and Marzi had the best time playing in the snow. She runs around and hops like a bunny through the snow drifts– it’s so cute. Look at how much she’s grown, too!

I don’t know why her eyes are closed in this picture, but she still looks cute:

Here is a picture of the Lincoln with snow on it, so you can see just how much we got. I can’t wait until Jason gets the garage built this spring, so we can garage it in the winter.

And here’s a picture of the front of the house. You can’t really tell how much snow we got from the picture, but I never posted a picture of all the stone work Jason did to the front. We’re really happy with how it turned out. It will look even better when we get it sided, too– it needs it. We’ve powerwashed, but you can still see where the old shutters were.

I’m almost done with Section 2 of Clapotis. I can’t wait to start dropping stitches! It looks really nice so far. I’m using the yarn I bought from It’s so soft. I had to make some more stitch markers this morning, because I ran out it takes so many!

In other news, I colored my hair today. I’ll have to take a picture soonly, but it’s a little streaky right now. I should have bought 2 boxes of hairdye instead of just one; I’ll have to touch it up in a few weeks. I actually dyed it black. I’m unsure if I like it or not. It’s not a burghandy or blue-black, so it’s nice, I just don’t know if it’s me. KWIM?

I leave you with a link to a clip from a children’s TV show from the 70s. This actually aired on TV. Yes, it’s a children’s show, but you might not want to click with your kids around. Don’t read the script at the bottom until you view it.


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