I am NOT in a good mood. Argh! I went back to th…

I am NOT in a good mood. Argh! I went back to the store today to purchase another box of hair dye, and decided that I would dye over it with the same color to get the splotchy parts I must have missed yesterday. Well, I still have splotches and streaks of my previous color all through my freaking hair. So, my hair looks incredibly stupid. I don’t know what to do. Do I risk dying it AGAIN, this time with maybe two boxes? Will all my hair fall out if I try? If it wasn’t so dramatic of a difference in color– think medium brown and pitch black– I would just leave it, but it looks pretty silly as is. I’m PMSing on top of that, and I ache all over from doing pilates for two days in a row, which I suppose is a good thing, because that means I’m getting in shape, right? I’m trying to keep up with the pilates– I’ve started to keep track in my sidebar of how many days I’ve worked out this week. I can’t even buy yarn to make me feel better because of my Charity Yarn Diet. *sigh* I haven’t caved with the yarn diet, so I suppose I can pat myself on the back with that. arg.

Anyway, here are my long awaited pictures of knitting projects (snicker. like I have anyone waiting for them LOL).

Here is Clapotis. I *just* did my first drop stitch row. I can’t wait to do another!

Here is Here and There Cables waiting to be blocked.

Here is a closer picture of the cables. The color is pretty true.

Here is a picture of my Initial Bag from SnB Nation. Cathi asked about it, so here’s the picture. I’m not very happy with it, and in fact when I took it with me over Christmas, the first thing out of my sister’s mouth was, “That doesn’t look like the one from the book.” Huh. :pppppp It would be nicer, IMHO, if it was just plain and didn’t have the i-cord edging and intarsia. Perhaps it would look better, as well, if my name didn’t start with an “L” and it wasn’t in lowercase. But that’s just me!

I must confess, I had to drag it out of the bottom of the closet for the picture. 😉

And, last but not least, here is a picture of Marzi, waiting patiently for me to stop taking pictures. She loves me being the center of attention.


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