Thanks to Christina’s and Cathi’s help, my hair is…

Thanks to Christina’s and Cathi’s help, my hair is all one color! Finally! I ended up buying 2 boxes, but then only used one because Jason helped me fill in where I’d missed. However, while attempting to clean my ear last night, I think I got water trapped in there and now I can’t hear out of my left ear. So I’ll be making a trip to the doctor later if they can get me in. Oy.

Thanks for the tips on Clapotis. I had 3 hanks of the Yarn, and and others have said it’s not enough. I did email the seller, and he says he believes he has some more, but it won’t be from the same dyelot. In keeping with my yarn diet, I think I’m just going to skip one or two repeats from the straight section, as Michelle did and suggested.

Did you know that you can get free tea from Adagio Tea if you link to their site? I was perusing their teas today and happened upon it, so go check it out! Depending on what Google Page Rank you are, you get different packages. I’m sure I’ll just end up with a tea sample, but free tea is free tea! You even get to choose if you want flavored, black, green, or herbal. I chose flavored of course!


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