Happy Sunday! I’ll start with the wonderful yarn…

Happy Sunday!

I’ll start with the wonderful yarn my Secret Pal sent me. I love the colors, and it’s so soft. I also love that it’s made with Tussah silk, which is a great because it allows the caterpillar/moth to live instead of boiling them alive to gather the fibers. Much much much more humane. Thank you SP!!!
The gorgeous yarn from my SP

Here is a picture of Clapotis. I blocked the heck out of mine, so I probably won’t be wearing it as a scarf, but I’ve been wanting a wrap/shawl, so that’s what I planned. I love the way it turned out. Now I just need to find a great broach or pin to pin it closed so I can wear it.
A lousy picture of Clapotis (and me!)

Here is my Felted Bucket Hat (pattern from Chicknits). I really like the way this turned out. I also had the older copy of the pattern and felted one up and was really unhappy with it– I like this one a TON better. It’s hard to tell from the picture, but it’s a pale green color. It took me less than 2 days to knit it up– I think I cast on in the evening and then finished it the next morning while watching tv.
My felted bucket hat

And here is my current project, the sockotta socks. I’m not happy with the ribbing, I wish I had used K2P2 instead of K1P1, but you live, you learn.
My Sockotta socks

You’ll notice there is no picture of the Hourglass Sweater. That’s because I haven’t worked on it this week. I’m motivated to get the socks done, though.

The new IK showed up this week, and there are a few projects that caught my eye. I will probably knit Phoebe– a quick to knit capelet. There’s even a knitalong here. A Good Bias is gorgeous, but I don’t think I’m up to that chartwork yet. I also really liked the Paisley Lace Shawl, but again, the chartwork. The Ballet Sweater is nice, but I don’t wear dresses often enough to get any wear out of it. I may just have to knit up the Amish Oval Rug, though. We really could use a few rugs for the kitchen and bedrooms. Now to just acquire enough Lion Cotton.

I also bought the Spring Cast On and Vogue Knit.1 mags. I love the Meadow Sweet Throw in Cast On, and the lace chart is a very small repeat. I think I would be able to knit it. I don’t know what yarn to use though, I certainly can’t afford 9 skeins of Classic Elite Provence (it’s $12 a skein!). I need a good sub. I also liked the Raglan Tansy Tee in Cast On. The only sweater that really caught my interest in Knit.1 was the Old School tank out of Cotton Ease. I have the Cotton Ease already in my stash, so I may have to knit that one up.

As far as the Knitty Surprises, Noa is not my cup of tea, but Miss Dashwood is cute. I don’t have a baby to knit for though. I’ve been patiently waiting for the new Magknits! Spun did come out, but I wasn’t too impressed. The caterpillar is cute, but everything else, including the format was very blah to me.

While Marzi has recuperated almost completely from her surgery, yesterday she broke through some ice on the driveway and cut her paw pad open. Yikes! It’s one catastrophe after another with that girl! Jason wrapped it up with some gauze and tape after putting antibiotic cream on it, and the vet had given us some antibiotics, so we’re giving her those. Hopefully she won’t have to go in for stitches tomorrow. Just what we need– more stitches for that girlie.

Speaking of ice, it’s snowing again. I had been wishing we would get some more snow– I definitely prefer snow to the mud we had before! Here is the view out the study window.
Snowy picture


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