Remember my snow picture yesterday (scroll down if…

Remember my snow picture yesterday (scroll down if you missed it)? Well, here’s one from last night.
Snow picture from last night

We got about 8 inches. Jason said his drive to work today was pretty icky. It wasn’t a snow day for me, as the school districts I work for had already planned to be closed today. I won’t be going anywhere today, though!

Here is what I worked on this morning. I organized our closet. It may not look like much, but if you had seen it before, you’d be impressed (too embarrassing to take before photo!).
Closet photo

And here are our shoes, nice and organized:
Organized shoes

I have a serious addiction to cute shoes. Jason doesn’t help, either, because he loves it when I get new shoes.

I’ve also worked a little on the sockotta sock. I’m currently on the heel flap.
Progress on socks

I plan on doing a little of what I just caught Marzi doing, later.
Marzi “napping”

I’m going to relax with some tea and some tv. Scent By Spirit just had a BOGO sale so I stocked up– can’t wait until they get here! They’re still having a 1/2 lb sale for $10 and 1/4 lb for $5 if you want to try out some of their teas. I ordered 1/2 lb of the La Befana– it looks tasty!

Speaking of Marzi, here’s a picture I snapped yesterday. You can see her bandage (and my Birki clogs and Vasque hiking boots– I told ya about the shoes! LOL) on her paw. She’s been doing ok with it. It’s still bleeding a bit, but hopefully she’ll be as good as new before long.
Waiting to go outside

And, just so he won’t feel left out, here’s Patches. He loves the Papasan Chair. We dubbed it the cat bed. He naps on it constantly. Oh and do you see that sparkly thing above him? That’s one of the cat toys my SP got him. He loves that thing and attacks it on a daily basis. It drives Marzi mad, but both Jason and I crack up.


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