Sockotta Socks complete! So… what do you think …

Sockotta Socks complete! So… what do you think I’ll work on next?
a. The Hourglass sweater
b. a simple washcloth for easy knitting
c. some new and exciting project
d. another pair of socks

If you guessed d), you are correct! I’ll be casting on in a few minutes for a pair of Opal socks. I’ve never worked with Opal yarn, so I’m excited to try it out.

Inspired by Elisa’s post here, I’ve decided to list my guilty pleasures.

Movies: Newsies, Office Space, Neverending Story, Princess Diaries, Untamed Heart, Bed of Roses

TV: Survivor (I’ve been hopelessly addicted since the premiere of the first season), Cops (which Jason LOVES), Antiques Roadshow, Find!
Anything found on Mtv: ie Newlyweds, Ashely Simpson show, Real World
Anything found on the Food network: literally anything. I will watch it all, but I’m especially addicted to Good Eats, 30 Minute Meals (even though I find Rachael Ray terribly annoying) and Paula Deen
I enjoy watching The View and Young & The Restless. (blame the latter on my mom who watches it and got me hooked early early on when I was home sick from school)

Music: everything 80s, Bluegrass, Andrew Lloyd Webber musicals (blame Junior High Show Choir and High School Jazz Choir), BeeGees (pre-disco, which is less guilty!), Kenny Rogers (I know I know)

Books: currently, I’m hopelessly addicted to Western/Pioneer romance novels. Don’t ask me why. It’s a sickness really. I could also read and re-read all the Little House books, including the ones that have been recently written in the “style” and follow Carolyn’s and Rose’s lives. I also have read all the Lemony Snicket books, the Mates, Dates… books, and the Traveling Pants books.

Magazines: In Touch, US Weekly, Lifestyle. I’m such a sucker for the celebrity trashy magazines.

Food: Stouffer’s Mac and Cheese– YUM YUM YUM. Just don’t look at the serving size– 2 servings per individual little portion! YIKES. I crave Stouffer’s Mac and Cheese.
Frozen bananas covered in Hershey syrup. Man what you discover when your cabinets are nearly bare– delicious substitute for ice cream.
Any sandwich with potato chips or Doritoes added. The added crunch is delicious.
Pizza Rolls. What’s guilty about this is how I eat them. I eat the filling out of all of them first and then the actual roll. I know, disgusting, but it’s the only way I enjoy them.
Entire packages of baby carrots, cooked. I seriously will eat the entire package. I love cooked carrots.
Very dirty martinis. I add an incredibe amount of olive brine. I think we have about 3 jars of naked olives (no brine) in the fridge. Drives Jason mad.
Other odd addictions:
I love shampoo, and will try just about every kind. I buy fingernail polish to perk myself up, and I love face masks.

So… what are your guilty pleasures?

While my blog-writing skills may not represent my results, I was not a bit surprised at what I scored on this online quiz. After all, I’m a certified ENGLISH teacher!


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