Not much going on around here. I watched a little…

Not much going on around here. I watched a little of the Oscars last night before I fell asleep. I also watched Wimbledon yesterday (along with a slew of Celebrity Poker Showdown and cooking shows). Wimbledon was better than I expected because I don’t like tennis.
I’m down to the toe decreases on the first Lorna’s Lace’s sock. I have just one thing to say about this yarn: luscious! It is absolutely incredible. It looks so silky and smooth I can’t believe it’s wool. Delish! I must have more! I think I *may* even be able to get a complete pair out of one hank. We’ll see about that. I plan on casting on for Jason’s first sock today with the Regia. It’ll take a little longer to knit his socks up– I plan on casting on 72 stitches. For my socks, I use 56. Yikes!

Of course you already know, but the new Magknits is up. I really like Cold Shoulder. Of course I like everything Stephanie knits up! Speaking of her designs, I may have to knit up a Boobholder soon. Did anyone catch last weeks Ellen episode with Jenny Garth? She was wearing a Boobholder lookalike! I tried to find a picture online but wasn’t able to get a good one– you can click here to kind of see it.
Oh yes, we were chatting about Magknits. Well pardon me for not staying on topic! I also liked the Tee Shirt, but there’s no way I’ll be knitting it because it’s not knit in the round. :p


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