Socks sock socks. All I want to knit is socks. I…

Socks sock socks. All I want to knit is socks. I told Jason yesterday that I thought this was the year of socks. I already have the yarn picked out for my next pair, and I’m not even done with his yet, or the matching sock to my Lorna’s Laces.

Here’s a picture of my progress on Jason’s socks. I hate the ribbing, it kills my wrists (which is why my socks have a max of 2 inches of ribbing. So of course he had to ask for the whole sock to be ribbed– I’m not ribbing the foot though). I turned the heel last night and then picked up stitches while the kids were at gym while I subbed.
Jason’s socks

Here’s my yarn for my next pair– it’s Magic Stripes by Lion Brand. They get *fuzzy* in the wash, but they’re still comfy and cute. I knit up the Jelly Bean colorway last summer (my first completed, non-tube sock pair). Look at the cute puppy picture of Marzi on my photobox (my holding place for my next project)– she looks so different!

Next pair

I worked this morning and the roads were TERRIBLE. We should have had another snowday, but working was better for our checkbook. That’s the trouble with snow days and subbing. Regular teachers get paid for snowdays, subs do not. So while I like them, I also dislike them.

Here’s proof that we got a lot of snow. I got my 4 Wheel Drive, big-tired tough Jeep stuck in the driveway. No, we don’t believe in shoveling– we both have 4 Wheel drive trucks. Hey, we need them here– we live on a dirt road! Jason will have to drive me out when he gets home.
Poor Jeep

And here’s the snowdrift in front of the door. It’s so cold today, I can’t believe it’s March– we’re supposed to get down to 0*F or even below tonight. Yikes!


Off to go knit with a mug of hot tea!


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